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This is the only exfoliating glove that took away my KP and my dead skin! I use it twice a week and it makes my skin so soft, no other exfoliating glove compares.

I really like this gadget. It is long enough to easily exfoliate my entire back on its own. And it doesn't take much time. I have fairly thin and sensitive skin, but this back exfoliator works very gently.


This is some kind of magic😀. Without any additional cleansers , this little gadget made my skin on my face and neck smooth as silk. And without any irritation. I will definitely include this mitt in my daily skin care routine.

Good product

Love this product I use this twice a week! I feel fresh mentally after seeing all that dead skin come off and I also feel fresh physically ( so smooth).

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Really works!

I came back for more guys! I bought the exfoliating glove and was really impressed with the amount of dead skin that came off my body so when I saw this back scrub I obviously had to try. It was really easy to use actually and the amount of dead skin it took off my back is equally impressive as it is disturbing. I can’t wait for my long term results of using this as I have been trying to cure my Bacne for years and I already am starting to see a difference :)

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Does what it says on the tin

I’ve been stressed with the level of my dry skin for ages. Not having a bath at my previous home just added to this as you don’t get the same exfoliation following a shower.

I skeptically bought the mitt and the back scrubber and used it for the first time at the weekend.

I was surprised and a little disgusted by the amount that came off on my first use, but so amazingly pleased at how soft and smooth all my skin is!

Did you know your b**bs could have dry skin?! Well they definitely don’t now!

Looking to buy some for all my friends and family members now!!

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Face so smooth!

I was skeptical at first because I didn’t see skin peeling the first time I used it, but the 3rd time I saw some. Regardless if you do see skin peeling or not every time I used this face mitt which I keep it to two times a week my skin is noticeably softer! I like to schedule my face exfoliation on days I’m going out or seeing friends as I’ve gotten compliments on how glowing my skin is! My make up sit better as well.

UPDATE: I just used my face mitt again this morning and this time so much grossness came off and like always my skin feels so soft and my makeup application was flawless.

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New obsession!

I got diagnosed with PCOS and my skin is extra dry because of it. I came across this company through Facebook and WOW this took off so much dead skin and my skin is softer for longer. I definitely recommend this! Just follow the instructions ( I didn’t😂). The first time I used it I didn’t soak properly.

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Must have for a date night

My skin has been going thruuuu it because I have been traveling the past month and I really wanted something to help make me feel fresh again. I used the exfoliating glove basically all over (that’s appropriate) and am feeling brand new. I feel smooth and like I’m glowing and I feel like this is something I need to use every time before a date night. 10/10 feeling myself 🥰 the back exfoliator was a nice touch too cause I rarely exfoliate my back but now I can see I’ve been missing out.

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Wasn’t sure but now I’m impressed

You see ads for things online and are always taking a chance whether it will work or not. I did for this glove and it actually works really well. It’s made with good material but not rough enough to be uncomfortable. It definitely gets dead skin off holy!!! So overall I’m glad with this

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Best exfoliator!

I was surprised to see the result after using it once and now I use these regularly. Leaves the skin smooth after removing tan. Go for it!

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Soft Skin!

Love the density on this glove! I have definitely noticed a change in the softness of my skin it’s so much more supple and it’s great to remove dead skin

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Love it!

Use this twice a week all over my body very exfoliating. Smooth feeling all over after I use. I love it!

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Duo Exfoliating Gloves
Pratibha Singh
Great for exfoliating

Used this product and loved how it gently exfoliates the skin without having to use any skin product. Easy to use and 1 time investment.

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Duo Exfoliating Gloves
Cassandra Cichelli
Duo Exfoliating Gloves

I am not one to exfoliate on a normal basis, but I wanted to try something new so I purchased the exfoliating gloves. I absolutely loved them and the way that they left my skin feeling. It was so easy to use because you don't need any product, just the glove.
I am going to incorporate this into my new beauty routine!

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Duo Exfoliating Gloves
Alyssa Perugino
Skin soft like a baby

I’ve been using these for about 2 years now. I use both gloves depending on the area where I need more exfoliation and my skin feels sooo soft after using them! For the price and longevity of the gloves it’s much cheaper then buying body scrubs over and over again that just don’t compare. No body scrub ever made my skin shed. Truly, my skin is baby soft after using the gloves. And the shedding is just so satisfying!
This is my video after exfoliating half my body (legs and back)

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Mini Glow Bundle
Chanice Hilliman
Early Christmas Present to Self

Being a single mother, college student, and full time worker isn't an easy task. So, I decided to put some care into myself and get somethings for a self care weekend before the Christmas holidays. It was the best decision I ever made. I feel beautiful and motivated. Ready to take on the hectic holidays and the new year of adventures to come.
*sleep mask not included.

The hand written note puts a very personal touch, the scrunchie as a little extra something shows appreciation and the kind words on the package (eg. You're beautiful etc.) Builds my confidence as I prepare myself to relax.

Paired with a glass of wine or refreshing fruit smoothie and a good night's rest (hence my sleep mask) prepares you to wake up ready to tackle everything coming your way.

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U have to give this mitt a try

I just received my mittens and im excited as well to try the back scrubber and eye makeup remover pads. I've been trying everything on my skin to remove dead skin cells. I was very surprised as I reieved a hand written note to say thank you for the purchase with a lovely little hair scrunchie.this product I highly recommend and will be purchasing more kits as well as spreading the good word about the amazing products made with such care and I as well support small business owners, that made this products available.
My skin is glowing and looks so healthy thank you.

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Buy this.

Uhm, this glove actually works. I have hard water (high iron) and after using this, I felt realllyyyy smooth BEFORE my homemade lotion. I’m very impressed.

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Definitely love this back exfoliator! It’s high quality and does exactly what it’s suppose to do!

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I loved 💜

I had never tried something similar, it was love at first sight. I love using it with my favorite lip scrub, they are the perfect duo

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The satisfaction of dead skin this glove is amazing!

My Thoughts:
I absolutely love this exfoliating glove when I don’t want to use my exfoliating products. I use this glove. It does an amazing job getting rid of dead skin on my skin. Sometimes products are too harsh on your skin or too sensitive. This is a great way to exfoliate your skin and also promotes collagen and cell turnover. It’s perfect for sensitive skin as well. I definitely have sensitive skin and eczema flare up at times and keratosis pilaris on my upper arms, which is "KP, is due to plugs of dead skin in the follicles and this glove does well with getting rid of dead skin cells for sure!

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Better than I expected!

This worked better than I expected and the material is soft and it felt gentle on my face. I didn’t see a lot of dead skin but I am someone who takes really good care of my skin, BUT I did notice my skin was way softer afterwards!

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Soft glove

I love the exfoliating glove. We do not need to add anything else. Just the glove.

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Give your lips a plump!

I love the product! Living in Canada I always had chapped lips due to the extreme cold or warmth of the weather. The exfoliating brush helped my lips to be always soft and it also gives them a nice plump!

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