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Revive Glow

Revive Glow Ultimate Back Exfoliator

Revive Glow Ultimate Back Exfoliator

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Do you struggle with exfoliating and cleansing your back? Introducing our New Ultimate Back Exfoliator! This back exfoliator is wider and thicker then our original one layer back exfoliator. Use the textured purple side to exfoliate. Flip the back scrubber and use the soft side to wash away any remaining dirt and dead skin. 

  • Safe for sensitive skin 
  • Removes dead skin and impurities
  • Assist to unclog pores and ingrown hairs 
  • Fade scars and even skin tone
  • Promotes collagen and cell turnover 
  • Removes old unwanted fake tan
  • Reduces breakouts 
  • Helps with dry skin

How to use

1. Take a warm shower or bath for 5-10mins
2.  Wet the band, squeeze out excess water.
3. Step out of the bath or turn off shower.
4. Make sure the belt is flat against your skin and gently pull back and forth.
5. Exfoliate twice a week.

Additional information 

 Visible skin peeling depends on your skin type and skin cycle. If you don’t see the big skin peeling, don’t worry! You're still achieving fantastic exfoliation and doing greatness for your skin!    

After each use hand wash with soap and hang to dry or wash in your washing machine on delicate and dry on low.


Color: Light Purple/White
Size : 4.5 inch x26 inch (30inch with handles)
Material:  50% plant-derived viscose and 50% Polycotton



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Definitely love this back exfoliator! It’s high quality and does exactly what it’s suppose to do!

Thank you for your review!

Love it!

I have a lot of blackheads on my back and this has help clear so much of it! I’m excited to see how my skin will be in a month or so, but so far I’m impressed and it’s such a easy way to clean your black.

Thank you for your review!

Must Have!

I love this! It’s so easy to use and I had so much grossness come off my back! Definitely recommend!!

Thank you for your review!

Love it!

I love Revive Glow, I’ve been a huge fan of them since they launched and I’ve gotten every product that they came out with and I love love love this back exfoliator it is way better then their original one! You must try this, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you for your review!


I always have a hard time washing my back, I mean who doesn’t? Ive never exfoliated my back before and I was shocked to see how much came off! I love how you can just use the other side to wash afterwards. Highly recommend this!! Worth every penny!

Thank you for your review!