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Revive Glow exfoliating gloves are the secret to glowing skin. As we age, our cell turnover slows down and dead skin cells can give us dry flaky skin, ingrown hairs, and a dull complexion. Using the Revive Glow exfoliating gloves will remove impurities by deeply exfoliating your skin and reviving your natural glow.

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Our Story

Revive Glow is a Canadian beauty brand that specializes in beauty tools and products that provide actual results. Our mission is to empower you to feel confident in your own skin.

I suffered from eczema as a child, from head to toe. My mother would apply steroid cream all over my body to treat the eczema, unfortunately this led to me having overly sensitive skin as an adult and allergies. One morning I was feeling particularly insecure and dejected about the red, bumpy skin on my arms and my overly dry legs. I thought there must be a way to improve the health and appearance of my skin without the use of chemicals. This is where my journey through skincare began. I began researching how the women of history would maintain beautiful skin before the age of harsh chemical treatments. The one thing I kept reading about in all cultures, was exfoliation. The original exfoliators used in my Asian culture are typically very rough and feels like sandpaper. So, I designed a softer dual layer exfoliating glove, and tested it on myself, friends, and family. When I saw the amazing results, the glove provided, Revive Glow was born. I have had many customers reaching out to me to express how my exfoliating glove has helped revive their skin. This makes my heart happy, and I am truly blessed to have such an amazing and supportive Revive Glow family.

- Maggie, CEO