The Deep Exfoliating Glove

The Deep Exfoliating Glove

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Transform your skin with The Deep Exfoliating Glove. It gently sweeps away dead skin and impurities, leaving you with soft skin. 

What's the difference between The Deep Exfoliating Glove and the Original Revive Glow Exfoliating Glove?

The Deep Exfoliating Glove fabric is our roughest fabric for the people who need that extra exfoliation. For really sensitive skin we recommend our Original Glove which is made with a softer fabric. 

    • Naturally removes dead skin and impurities
    • Unclogs pores and ingrown hairs
    • Reduces strawberry legs and keratosis pilaris
    • Fade scars and even skin tone
    • Treats body acne
    • Promotes collagen and cell turnover 
    • Removes old unwanted fake tan
    • Treats dry skin

  • Please note : Visible skin peeling depends on your skin type and skin cycle. If you don’t see the big skin peeling, don’t worry! You're still achieving fantastic exfoliation and doing greatness for your skin!  

 Recommend Usage

We recommend using your glove 1-2xper week. Do not use any other exfoliator while using the Revive Glow Glove.

How to Glow


Step 1: Soak your body in the  shower or bath for 5 minutes 

Step 2: Get out of the shower or drain bath. You want your skin to be damp, but not overly wet. 

Step 3: Wet the glove and squeeze out all the excess water.

Step 4: Start scrubbing the driest part first using long and even strokes. 

Step 5: Shower to rinse off dead skin

Step 6: Finish with your favorite lotion

Step 7: Wash glove with soap and hang to dry 

Please note: Skin peeling depends on skin type, but regardless of skin peeling you're still achieving fantastic exfoliation. The natural black ink on the logo might  bleed, Don’t worry! just wash and it will come off! 

Please refer to FAQ page for more information. 


-Outer layer made from 100% Viscose (A plant based fiber)
-Inner layer is a soft terry cloth made with cotton


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
love it

Didn’t expect it to work omg the amount of dead skin it got out

Thank you for your review!


Holy crap!!!! This thing is amazing!!!! I suffer from Keratosis pilaris pretty much my entire life and this glove did wonders!! I keep rubbing my arms and legs because they are so smooth and soft. I’m so glad I got one for myself and my daughter, who suffers from the same skin condition. I’ll never go back to store bought scrubbies. This is it!

Thank you for your review!

Shannon R.

From someone who has awful, bumpy and dry skin on their legs and from someone who has tried ALL of the products to help, I can say that this glove is MAGIC! It actually does exactly what it says it does. I'd recommend this to absolutely anyone. Thank you so much for this amazing product!!!

Thank you for your review!

Morgan Shepherd
Thrilled 😆

I am not an optimistic person when it comes to trying new things and I debated on buying this for about a month. When it finally arrived I prepared myself to be let down as I have in the past with stuff advertised on TikTok. So far I have used it once and I am hooked. I thought I was exfoliating well before getting this product and I was wrong. I followed the instructions included and my skin feels amazing. It’s so soft, smooth, and the rough patches are gone. The product is top quality material and easy to use. My only suggestion would be maybe a larger size so my husband can use it (his hands are large and the glove has little to no stretch). I absolutely love the product! Thank you!

Thank you for your review!

Sara L

I took a gamble and purchased the deep exfoliating glove. I didn’t think it was going to work, but I was wrong. The amount of dead skin this glove got off of me was insane. I’m so happy I bought it. I recommend this 100%, you will be glad you bought it.

Thank you for your review!