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Revive Glow

Revive Glow Back Exfoliator

Revive Glow Back Exfoliator

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Do you struggle with scrubbing your back? Well we have the solution for you! Our Revive Glow Back Exfoliator  features two sturdy handles that allows you to gently pull back and forth to target those hard to reach areas! 

  • Safe for sensitive skin 
  • Removes dead skin and impurities
  • Assist to unclog pores and ingrown hairs 
  • Fade scars and even skin tone
  • Promotes collagen and cell turnover 
  • Removes old unwanted fake tan
  • Reduces breakouts 
  • Helps with dry skin

How to use

1. Take a warm shower or bath for 5-10mins
2.  Wet the band, squeeze out excess water.
3. Step out of the bath or turn off shower.
4. Make sure the belt is flat against your skin and gently pull back and forth.
5. Exfoliate 1-2x a week.
6. After each use hand wash with soap and hang to dry.

Additional information 

 Visible skin peeling depends on your skin type and skin cycle. If you don’t see the big skin peeling, don’t worry! You're still achieving fantastic exfoliation and doing greatness for your skin!    

Please Note: This is a one layer back exfoliator and the material does shrink a bit when it’s wet, just simply stretch it out again. 


Color: Dark/Light Purple
Size : 10x58cm (81cm with handles)
Material: 100% plant-derived viscose

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Love this!

This was exactly what I needed! So much gunk came off my skin and I can say my back is SOOO SOFT! I have their glove and it’s amazing, but I could never reach my back so I am happy with my purchase!

Thank you for your review!

Addicted To This - Recommended!

I fell in love with Revive Glow because of their exfoliating glove. When I found out they had a back exfoliator as well I almost jumped for joy! My back is something I’ve had struggles with (who hasn’t). It was something I was self conscious about. I have tried lots of different tools & techniques. I’m thankful I found this product because it has changed the way I feel about my back. It has made scrubbing & taking care of my back SO much easier.
They have also made an upgraded version of this item & I’m SO excited to try it! ❤️😍

Thank you for your review!

Daphne D.
Just wow!!!

Just like the gloves, this back exfoliator is the best! The amount of dead stuff that came off my back......don't get me started! This works!

Thank you for your review!

Love, love, love this!!

I love that there’s now something to reach my back, it’s great. I just wish it was a little wider like maybe the same size as the gloves the thickness of the gloves would be great too. I’d definitely buy more if you come out with a wider one.

Thank you for your review!

Back exfoliator

Does a good job, and like most of the reviews wish it was a bit wider.

Thank you for your review!